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Hhmmm ….. What is he reading??

On a dark and stormy night, as the lightning flashed, a figure approached from under the 16th Century arches of the old market place in the centre of Ross on Wye. Fearing for my life I turned to run. Not noticing the broken patch of cobble stone floor, I tripped and fell. The lightning flashed again. The hand of this strange man appeared, outstretched, menacing. Death seemed inevitable. Then his hand grabbed me pulled me up off the wet cobbles.

“Would you like a coffee?” the man’s voice asked.
“Good idea,” I replied.

Mark Lodge and I have never looked back. A coffee led onto discussions about writing; and becoming one of the local coffee house’s best customers!

Actually, Mark is the father of James who was at school with my son Bertie. James and Bertie became friends and consequently Mark and I would get involved in their arrangements. The coffee bit is true. We had a coffee, and over a short period of time realized we liked each other and have several interests in common; such as photography, writing, and general creative thinking.

With Mark’s strong business background, which has shrouded his creative energy until recently, combined with my film, advertising and P.R. background, I feel we make a very good team. Both of us enjoy helping others to achieve their goals and so with our love of story-telling and creativity we have formed WBML ePublishing & Media Ltd to help those who want to publish their books, make a documentary film, or collate their photographs into a coffee table feature.

We have great connections for many aspects of media, including web site design, formatting, text and images. If we feel your idea is not for us we will endevour to help you find the right venue. Above all we will always be honest.



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