At WBML we love books and we love stories.  The eBook is here to stay and we want to help you put your story up there. With our love of books we will endeavour to publish your eBook into a BOOK with paper and a cover. This can be an expensive enterprise and we will help and advise you all the way. If we feel your book can work we will devise marketing strategies. Alternatively if you want to make a limited edition and not really market your book we can set up the best way to print your book.

Stories have been with us humans from the very beginning. It is supposed they originated when hunting parties returned and they were telling each other how brave they had been and about the one mastodon that got away. Or how Charlie was eaten by the sabre toothed tiger. It is assumed this started when fire entered the lives of our ancestors and the chief hunter would tell his story. Cave drawings support this theory as they are picture stories of the community life and the importance of hunting and capturing beasts.

The eBook is taking over now from the paper book as the paper book took over from parchment as parchment took over from papyrus as papyrus took over from clay or stone tablets, wood or stone walls. However recorded, the story must be told, the story must be read, looked at and listened to. The Aboriginals used the wood of the didgeridoo to record stories so that story would go wherever the didgeridoo would go. All this as a result of the human love affair with stories.

Imagine sitting around the camp fire with friends reading from your kindle. No need for a light, no need to hold the pages, and no need for the big bag of books. On the other hand imagine a house with no bookshelf. However many ebooks I read in the future I will always want my book shelf with books I love looking at books and touching books. I also like the idea of being able to go on a trip with 100 books in one small piece of technology, A Kindle.



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