Mark Lodge



As an avid reader of books, and in particular crime novels, Mark became increasingly disappointed with the quality of books offered by the mainstream publishers. Even the “best-seller” authors were churning out books that were either repetitive or simply below their standard. The book publishing industry seemed to be on a course of “just get them out and bring in income at all costs”.

In his heart Mark knew that he could do substantially better and so set out to develop ideas that had been formulating in his mind into a series of books based on a central character or characters. This series though would not be allowed to ramble on into mediocrity or repetitiveness and would be ended at the appropriate time.

This series has now come to fruition with the ebook publication of his first novel McGonnigle’s Legacy featuring the characters of Will and Iain McIntyre, twin brothers from Glasgow, a city where Mark spent some thirty plus years of his life. The second book in the series Pretender’s Gold is currently at the detailed planning stage and a short synopsis of this can be found in the ‘Titles’ page of this website.

Mark’s love of books extends beyond the world of fiction. Coupled with a love of the great outdoors and photography, Mark is planning a long-term project that will see him writing about and photographing the Pyrenees through two coast-to-coat walks on both the French and Spanish side of the mountain range. This will be combined with two feature-length film documentaries that will be done in collaboration with his business partner at WBML, Bill Bristow.

Although Mark has had no formal training in writing novels he has nonetheless developed a unique style of creative writing. Mark puts this down to the substantial number of books that he has read over the years coupled with a necessity, whilst working in business, of having to produce documentation at board level for the approval of major projects in which he was involved. In his own words “the creativity of writing required to convince a company board of directors to invest in large projects can be just as great as writing a novel”.