William Bristow


I first started to enjoy writing when I received an 18 out of 20 score for a 3 page story I wrote when I was 11 years old.  Auntie Blodwyn with her red and grey horn rimmed glasses driving like a loon around the Essex country lanes in her 1964 powder blue and black Mini. She was a real person, not my auntie by birth, just a great friend of my mother. Auntie Blodwyn was an artist who painted nudes and horses. A truly extrovert character to have had in my life.

Poetry is something I started writing when I was about 18, or 19. I seem to remember it was after my first puff of something called pot.  I have always written short stories, none published, and mostly thrown away.

I have written articles for travel magazines and was the travel editor for Venice Magazine in Los Angeles.  As the co writer on several screenplays with the very talented web site designer and creative Damian A Klavs, I learnt about the structure of the written word.

My small success as an author came when I had the opportunity to write with my father. He had been a spy and spy master during World War 2 and after. His boss and friend in MI6 had been the notorious double agent Kim Philby. The book ‘A Game Of Moles’ has been published as a hard back, a paper back and translated into Spanish.  Many of the more harrowing moments of his work and experiencers he chose to leave out. A new version titled ‘My Father A Spy’ which includes many of his secrets and my feelings of being the son of a spy, not included in the first book, is soon to be released by WBML.