Pretender’s Gold

Mark LodgE


The exciting sequel to McGonnigle’s Legacy!

When an exquisite ornate chalice by the master craftsman Cellini, believed to have been melted down on the orders of Pope Pius VI to pay Napoleon at the conclusion of the campaign against the States of the Church in 1797, is anonymously delivered to the Geneva branch of the auction house where Iain McIntyre works, Iain senses a mystery or a fraudulent attempt to deceive the art world. He immediately contacts his twin brother Will, an investigator with Interpol’s Art Crimes Division, for help.

As Will and Iain start to investigate the mystery surrounding the chalice, they become involved in the seemingly unrelated murders of a Swiss lawyer as well as a private banker and his family. Further investigation uncovers not only a potential link to the Vatican but more surprisingly the involvement of the Stuart clan all the way back to Bonnie Prince Charlie and his immediate family.

Will teams up with the Swiss police and both the Vatican Corps and the renowned Dr Alessandra Rossi, a scholar with the Vatican archives, to help unravel the mystery.

Iain’s newly pregnant wife Simone, who is accompanying Iain and Will in Geneva, is kidnapped and held hostage in return for the chalice. As the investigation draws to a potentially deadly climax, Will unravels the motivation and culprits behind the murders and the Cellini works are finally unveiled to a shocked art world in all their splendour.

The subsequent fallout from the case will, however, shock the historical community and rewrite the history of the Stuart clan.