My Father A Spy

By Bill Bristow


This is the true story of Bill Bristow, the son of a spy, and his father Desmond Bristow. It reveals how mysterious it is having a father whose career could not be talked about and whose work during the war was never fully appreciated by the family.

Bill’s Godfather Tommy Harris, (who was the case officer of Garbo, noted for his deception work against the Germans during and following D-Day), Kim Philby, Guy Burgess and Anthony Blunt are all featured in the book as are MI6’s activities after the war. Bill notes some very personal feelings of his own and his father’s throughout the book.

Bill can remember conversations about traitors who had escaped to Russia to work with the KGB; principally amongst them Kim Philby who had been a good friend of Bill’s father. Suspicion also fell on Bill’s father and, until Peter Wright had cleared his name, there was always a dim cloud of smoke there; not always from within MI6 but from friends and family.

At times it seemed thrilling, yet in the book Bill reveals how disruptive this relationship was for a son. The book also reveals how open the relationship was with his father, especially when writing together.  Bill realises now how fortunate he was in this respect, which is why this book contains some of the truths which evaded the pages of “A Game of Moles – The Deceptions of an MI6 Officer.”