William Bristow









William Bristow, (Bill), a lover of film, the written word and song, was born in England, just after his parents returned from Spain. A carefree childhood on a small farm was disrupted by the need of education. So off to private school he went.

His early working life started when he set up a recruitment firm in the City of London. On the back of the success of this business Bill acted and produced a short film. Subsequently he closed the head hunting /recruitment business down, packed his bags and moved to Los Angeles, where he studied film.

He quickly started working in film and for several years made documentary film diaries for Rutger Hauer. In the mid 80’s he wrote and directed the critically acclaimed documentary ‘Who Are They?’ about a homeless handicapped man in L.A.  Shortly after this experience Bill ventured into writing screenplays with Director/Producer Damian A Klavs, Mirror Dancer and Ajax 411.

While working on these screenplays he became involved with a Greenpeace story about an activist who became too dangerous and Greenpeace had to disown him. He was the man who blew up the ship in New Zealand some years ago.  The treatment was picked up by a small film company in Holland but dropped due to the political climate at the time.

In 1990, Bill took this opportunity to move to back to Spain and co-author his father’s autobiography ‘A Game of Moles’ which was published by Little Brown and Warner in 1993. Bill penned all the story lines which pulled together the story of his father’s life as a MI6 spy chief.

Following this he wrote articles for travel brochures, filmed olive pickers, and set up a small film service and production company called Locations Spain Ltd. From 1997 until 2009 Locations Spain produced ad campaigns for Land Rover, Jaguar, Nissan, Toyota, B.P. Shell, and co-produced two song sections for Tollywood, India’s Tamil film area.

Bill’s work and interest in film continues with his work as a Judge on Rutger Hauer’s  I’ve Seen Films Film Festival, panel with likes of Ridley Scott, Joan Chen, Robert Rodriguez and others.

In May 2012 Bill and Mark Lodge formed WBML ePublishing & Media Ltd to help people publish their books, interview the authors, and when a good subject comes along, make a documentary.