Mark Lodge









Although born in England, Mark spent much of his earlier life based in the city of Glasgow in Scotland. Here he met and married his wife Amanda and together they have six children.

Mark spent a considerable amount of his career in the financial services sector in a variety of roles and has worked in many countries in both Western and Eastern Europe. His travels have exposed him to wide and varied cultures which are proving invaluable in his new career as an author and publisher.

Whilst working in the private banking industry in Geneva, Mark suffered a double blow in that the unravelling of the global banking and financial crisis saw an end to his contract work there coupled with a relapse of his wife’s cancer.

Undeterred, Mark took a career break to ostensibly look after his wife and children. At the same time he took the opportunity to fulfil a long held ambition to start writing a series of crime novels. The result of this is his first book, McGonnigle’s Legacy, which is now on sale through Amazon’s Kindle Store. The second book in the series, Pretender’s Gold, is currently in the planning and research stage, although the outline plot has been determined.

Mark’s home base for ten years in the South-West of France gave him easy access to the Pyrenees, an area of outstanding natural beauty that has captivated him. Mark is planning to undertake a major project on this area and its inhabitants with the result being two major books that will cover the Grande Randonnees of the Pyrenees on the French and Spanish sides. These books will also contain a substantial amount of photographs taken by Mark; photography being another of his passions. The project will further encompass a DVD documentary of the walks that will be produced by Mark’s business partner Bill Bristow.

Following the untimely death of his wife in 2011, Mark returned with his family to live permanently in the UK and is now based in the picturesque town of Ross-on-Wye.

Having become even further disillusioned with the financial services industry, Mark is now putting his skills and experience into setting up and running an epublishing and media business with Bill Bristow.

The teaming of Bill and Mark will capitalise on their experiences and love of writing and filming. In the exciting journey ahead, Bill and Mark look forward to discovering and working with new talented authors and creating a major new and innovative force in the rapidly changing publishing industry.